Rosreco Nederland BV is specialized in used cooling-equipment since 1989

Our company is managed by Wim Ros.



In 1989, after more then 25 years in the cooling-'business' (including Carrier and Trane in the Netherlands, as a sales-manager and he imparted training-sessions all over the world), Wim Ros started his own companies.

Too many times in the past he saw well functioning cooling-equipment being turned into scrap-iron.

He started a company that would either sell and rent this used equipment. 

He was the founder of the dutch cooling-rental companies "Coolease" and after that "Recool". He sold Coolease in 1995 to Aggreko (rental energy solutions), and in 1997 he sold Recool BV also. Both became to big to handle in his organization.

Wim Ros and Rosreco Nederland BV went on with the trade of second-hand cooling-equipment.

We were the first company in Europe specialized in rent and trade of used cooling-equipment.


Our suppliers:

Many companies have good, relatively young cooling-equipment.

For several reasons these companies sometimes need a different cooling-solution.

In the Netherlands, most of the time, good working machines are turned into scrap.

Over the years many companies learned about Rosreco and they now offer their machines  to us.

Instead of paying money in order to scrap their machines, they now make money and their equipment will get a new life.


We pick up the equipment, test it and store it in our storage-place in Nieuw-Vennep.


Our costumers:

We have costumers all over the world. In the Netherlands are strict legislations for cooling-equipment and machinery.

We can't use many coolants anymore in the Netherlands, out of environment-matter.

The maintenance of all cooling-equipment is on a very high level, fixed by law.

In the Netherlands are hardly no bad cooling-equipment in circulation.


Before selling, machines and equipment will be tested and repaired if necessary.

We prefer to sell our machines and equipment 'as is', so our prices are as low as possible.

We have many replacements too, so in case of broken parts, we are able to replace them or deliver them with the sold machinery.

The costumer will take the decision: 'as is' or revision.




If you need cooling equipment or parts, please check our stock-lists!

We make a note on our website at the bottom of the specification and picture in what kind of condition the equipment is.

Our website will be refreshed with every change of stock, so you will always be able to see up-to-date whether we have the equipment or parts on stock.